Our Privacy Policy was created to reinforce Daoura's commitment to security, privacy and transparency in the handling of your information when using the Daoura platform and its products and services.

It describes how we collect and process data when you use the platform on your cell phone / tablet, browse our websites, request any of our services, become our client, use our services or get in contact with Daoura through the available communication channels. This information may refer to those necessary to identify You, for registration purposes, such as your name and email, or even those necessary to provide the services of the Daoura platform in a safe and efficient way, such as your data on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram platforms, as long as you allow us access to that data. We can also collect and process locational data in order to allow Daoura to offer better services to You.

When you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, you are conscious that the controller of your personal data, that is, the company responsible of making the decisions concerning your personal data treatment, will be DRSC Soluções Tecnológicas Inteligentes Ltda (“Daoura”) registered in the CNPJ under the nº 28.669.330/0001-93, based in the City of São Paulo, São Paulo State, at Rua Doutor José de Queirós Aranha, nº 337, Cj 521, Vila Mariana, CEP 04106-062, Brazil.

1. Application of this Policy

Whenever there is mention of the terms “Daoura”, “us” or “ours”, we are referring to Daoura; in the same way, whenever there is mention of the terms “you”, “your” and “yours”, we are referring to You.

We collect your personal data whenever you:

In addition, this Privacy Policy applies specifically to:

  • Daoura Clients: natural or legal persons that actually hire, use or access to one or more Daoura’s services and products.
  • Daoura Prospects: natural or legal persons prospected by Daoura, or that have already requested the contracting of one of the services or products, or who have already used our products or services for free, but have not become a Daoura client for any reason.

This Privacy Policy is also applicable to other forms of personal data collection by Daoura, that allow the delivery or improvement of our services. For example, we may collect information through partners or those associated with our technologies. All the forms of collection and uses of your personal data are described in this Privacy Policy.

The practices described in this Privacy Policy only apply to the processing of your personal data, and are subject to the applicable Brazilian laws, with attention to the law nº 13.709/2018 (General Law of Personal Data Protection, o “LGPD”).

2. Which information we use and how do we collect it?

When requesting, hiring or using Daoura's products or services, you provide us, and we collect, some personal data related to you. From the moment you interact with Daoura, we gather your personal data. In some cases, you directly provide Daoura with your personal data, but we may also collect your data automatically.

By accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, you expressly agree to provide real, updated and accurate personal data and not alter your identity or your personal information in any way during access and when using our products and services. You will be the sole responsible for the false, outdated and inaccurate information directly provided by you to Daoura.

Your personal data that may be processed by Daoura are the following, divided by categories:

Personal data informed by the holder
  • Registration data, such as: name, identity documents, nationality, address, birth date, affiliation, gender, among others;
  • Contact information, such as phone number and email;
  • Company where you work;
  • Profession;
  • Biometric data, such as your face and identity document photograph.
Personal data we collect from third parties
  • Registration data, such as: name, affiliation, date of birth, CPF (Natural Persons Register), phone number, address, among others;
  • Posts made on social media and news, that are defined as publicly accessible in the original source;
  • Social media posts or direct messages, that are defined as privately accessible in the original source, in case you allow us to collect from authentication and authorization when directly accessing your social media account in the Daoura platform.
Navigation and device data
  • IP address of the fixed or mobile device utilized to access the Daoura services and products;
  • Interactions made on the usage profile of Daoura’s site, blogs and applications;
  • Technical data, such as URL, network connection, provider and device information;
  • Cookies;
  • Device properties, such as ID, operating system, browser and model;
  • Device geolocation data, in case you authorize the collection from your device.
Public Data
  • We may collect information about you that’s publicly available or that have been made public by you;
  • Information about mentions or interactions with Daoura on the Internet and on social media;
  • Statements and manifestations regarding any subject, posted on profiles and pages on public access social media, along with name and image (including profile pictures);
  • Data collected from social networks and publicly accessible internet pages on various subjects for aggregate analysis of the individual perception on those issues, through Daoura's artificial intelligence platform.

3. How we use your personal data

Daoura uses your personal data in order to provide a high-quality service and offer you the best products. Below, we detail the purposes for which we use your personal data:

Personal data reported by the owner


  • Provision of services and offering Daoura’s products and services, paid or free;
  • Identification, authentication and verification of requirements for use and/or contracting of Daoura’s products and services;
  • Responding to requests and doubts;
  • Contact by phone, e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or other means of communication, including to send notifications or push for the use of Daoura services;
  • Improvement of the services provided by Daoura, including the crossing of information about contracted products per natural and legal persons for the offering of new products and services;
  • Marketing, prospecting, market research, opinion and promotion of our products and services, or those of our partners, including making offers and sending information about products, services, updates, functionalities, content, news and other relevant events in order to maintain the relationship with you;
  • Regular exercise of Daoura's rights, even presenting documents in judicial and administrative processes, if necessary;
  • Collaboration or compliance with court orders from competent authority or audit body;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.
Personal data we collect from third parties


  • Provision of services and offering, paid or free, of Daoura products and services;
  • Generation of statistics, studies, research and surveys pertinent to the manifestations published on the Internet;
  • Improvement of our products and services;
  • Marketing, prospecting and market and opinion research;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.
Navigation and device data


  • Provision of services, contracted products offerings and improvement of usage and experience with Daoura’s application and websites;
  • Operationalization of new products and services;
  • Recommendation of new services, products or application features including partner’s services;
  • Advertisement display, either on our site, social media or on third parties' websites;
  • Generation of statistics, studies, investigations and surveys relevant to the activities and behavior in the use of products or services;
  • Prevention and resolution of technical or security problems;
  • Geolocation data to improve your experience when reporting a manifestation, for example, or to display information more relevant to your location;
  • Regular exercise of Daoura's rights, even presenting documents in judicial and administrative processes, if necessary;
  • Collaboration or compliance with court orders from competent authority or audit body;
  • Compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.
Public data


  • Generation of statistics, studies, research and surveys pertinent to the manifestations published on the Internet;
  • Disclosure of products and services provided by Daoura on social media, websites, applications or institutional and advertising materials;
  • Regular exercise of Daoura's rights;
  • Compliance with legal and/or regulatory obligations imposed on Daoura.

4. Exchange of personal data

Daoura acts as a technology provider and, for this reason, can operate in conjunction with other companies to provide its services, including the functionalities and content of its websites and technological tools.

We adopt mechanisms for the protection of your personal data with the aim of preserving your privacy as much as possible.

Below, we list categories of companies with which we may share your personal data:

  • Providers: we employ other companies to perform work on our behalf and we need to share your personal data with them to provide our services. For example, we use cloud storage services to store our database and we share your personal data with technology providers. Our suppliers are only authorized to use your personal data for the specific purposes for which they were hired and, because of that, they will not use them for other objectives.
  • Social Media: Daoura handles information about content provided by social media, such as posts and publications from those social networks in order to generate studies, insights and analysis on various topics. Besides that, you can manage your social media accounts directly on the Daoura platform and, for that, you must authorize Daoura access to your social media account(s). This authorization allows us to share and receive your personal data from third parties.
  • Analytics: Your personal data stored by Daoura may be used for analysis purposes in order to understand how users interact with our products and services. This personal data is anonymized and does not identify or make identifiable the individuals linked to them, and have the purpose of understanding how is the deployment of our products and services, in order to improve our users' experience.
  • Marketing and communications: Daoura uses digital marketing and advertising companies to deliver announcements, redirect content and ads according to the interests of the individuals that access our service channels and use our products. For this, some of your personal data may be shared between Daoura and those companies, primarily electronic identifiers, IP addresses, cookies and email that can be used for online advertising efficiency, for example.

5. International data transfer

Some of your personal information, or all of it, may be transferred abroad, for example, when stored by Daoura on computer servers, in clouds located outside of Brazil. For that, Daoura observes all the requirements established by the current legislation and adopts the best security and privacy practices to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your personal data.

6. Retention and exclusion of your personal data

Daoura will store your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it collects them, even for purposes of compliance with any contractual obligations, accountability or requisition of competent authorities.

To determine the appropriate retention period for your data, Daoura considers the amount, nature and sensitivity of such data, the potential risk of harm resulting from the unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data, the objective of the process and if such purposes can be achieved by other means, and the applicable legal requirements.

Daoura may save your personal data for a time longer than indicated above to meet the eventually applicable legal obligations, under the terms provided by the appropriate legislation.

7. Daoura and cookies

Cookies allow the collection of data related to navigation depending on the type of the device used, of the authorizations granted by you through your device settings and the features used in each application. We may use our own or third-party cookies on our websites and applications.

What are Cookies?

They are small text files that may or may not be added to the device's browser. These files store and recognize data that guarantee the correct functioning of the Sites and Applications and help us identify your preferences and improve your experiences.

Types of cookies and their purposes

Cookies can collect data for different purposes related to the functionalities of our Sites and Applications. Check below the types we use:

  • Functionality: to guarantee the correct access and functioning of the applications;
  • Authentication: to recognize the User, enabling their access, even to restricted access areas and also used to supply content, offers and/or services of strategic partners;
  • Security: to aid the monitoring and detection of unauthorized activities;
  • Research, Analysis and Performance: to verify, measure and analyze the audience, performance and use of applications by the users;
  • Publicity: to present relevant Daoura and partners advertising according to the User's profile and to know if users visualized it, both in our environments and associates’ sites and applications. They can also be used to remember eventual searches carried out by Users, and based on the results of those searches, show advertisements or offers for products, services and initiatives of their interest.
Can I disable cookies and other forms of data collection?

You can disable or exclude cookies, as well as the collection technologies, in your browser settings and in the operating system settings of your device, with the exception of functionality cookies which, if deactivated, will not allow the use of Sites and Applications. We just remind you that, if certain cookies were disabled, the Sites or Applications or some of their resources or functionalities may not function correctly.

8. Your data security

Daoura uses various types of security measures to guarantee the integrity of your information, such as information security standards practiced by the industry when collecting and storing your personal information and Internet standard data cryptography.

In the meantime, it is not possible to guarantee that a transmission of personal data made through the Internet may be completely secure. It is possible that third parties, which are not under our control, intercept or gain access to transmissions or your personal data illegally. Therefore, not being possible to guarantee the complete security of your personal information transmitted to our websites, your cooperation is essential to help us maintain a safe environment for everyone.

In case you identify or become aware of something that compromises data security, inform us via email privacy@daoura.ai.

9. Your rights

The LGPD guarantees rights to the Data Holders. As the Holder of your Personal Data, you have the right to make the following requirements:

  • Access and confirmation of the existence of the data processing;
  • Updating and correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary, excessive or treated data in disagreement with the provisions of the LGPD;
  • Portability of the data, observing the applicable regulations and commercial and industrial secrets;
  • Information about the public and private entities with which the Controller shared the data;
  • Information about the possibility of not providing consent and about the consequences of refusal;
  • Revocation of consent that may be carried out at any time and free of cost, by express declaration;
  • Request the elimination of the Personal Data Treated with consent, except in the hypothetical case in which the maintenance of such data is necessary or permitted by the legislation;
  • Opposition to the Treatment carried out based on other legal bases, in case of non-compliance with the LGPD, highlighting that there may be situations in which we can continue to carry out the Treatment and reject your request for opposition;
  • Request the review of decisions made solely based on the Automated Processing of Personal Data that affect you;
  • Request the cancellation of the delivery of directed offers of Daoura products and services through our channels.

To exercise your rights over your Personal Data, you can activate our Data Manager through the email: privacy@daoura.ai.

We emphasize that we can keep some data and/or continue to carry out the Treatment, even in the event of a deletion, opposition, blocking or anonymization request, in some circumstances, as for compliance with legal, contractual and regulatory obligations, to protect and exercise the rights of Daoura, the Users and clients, for the prevention of illegal acts and in judicial, administrative and arbitration processes, even by questioning of third parties about their activities and other hypotheses provided by law.

10. Consent

Throughout this Privacy Policy, we inform that some personal data will only be collected by Daoura with your consent. Such personal data may only be processed with authorization and for the purposes described.

By reading this Privacy Policy and clicking, at the end, on “I have read, I am aware of the conditions of the processing of my personal data, and I give my consent when applicable, as described in this Privacy Policy.”, you consent to the processing of your personal data in the ways indicated here.

The processing of your personal data is a necessary condition for Daoura to be able to provide services and deliver our products to you.

11. Alterations to this Privacy Policy

This version of the Privacy Policy is effective from October 1st, 2020. Do not worry because we will keep You informed about changes in this policy by email or a pop-up on Daoura's platforms.

12. Data Protection Officer

Daoura is considered a "Controller" of your personal data, in accordance to the definitions of the Law No. 13,709 / 2018. If after reading this Privacy Policy you still have any doubts, or for any reason you need to contact us for matters related to your personal data, you can contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email: privacy@daoura.ai.